WP1 Baseline Analysis

    Deliverable 1.1 State of the Art of HE for TEL Quality Assurance Framework

    Deliverable 1.2 European TEL Roadmap for QA standard

    Deliverable 1.3 Baseline Kazakhstan TEL Quality Assurance Framework

    Deliverable 1.4 Recommendations KUTEL Quality Assurance Framework


    WP2 Development of QA Policy on TEL and training delivery to enhance structural capacities

    Deliverable 2.1 KUTEL Training Concept

    Deliverable 2.2 KUTEL Platform

    Deliverable 2.3 KUTEL Piloting Curriculum

    Deliverable 2.4 KUTEL QA guidelines for training methodology

    Deliverable 2.5 KUTEL QA learning objects

    Deliverable 2.6 KUTEL QA training sessions (face-to-face, e-learning and webinar)

    Deliverable 2.7 KUTEL Piloting Report

    Deliverable 2.8 Guidelines and best practices for implementing KUTEL quality assurance framework in e-learning programmes

    Deliverable 2.9 Accreditation Statement of KUTEL QA Framework


    WP3 Quality Assurance

    Deliverable 3.1 Quality Assurance Plan

    Deliverable 3.4 Final Quality Assurance Report


    WP4 Dissemination & Exploitation

    Deliverable 4.8 Final KUTEL Policy Recommendation

    Deliverable 4.9 Final International Conference

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