KUTEL core objective is to promote reform and modernization of HE in Kazakhstan through the introduction of a national quality assurance system for technology-enhanced learning by guaranteeing the improvement and implementation of accreditation standards, guidelines/procedures for quality assurance of TEL courses and study programs at a national level.

This aim will be reached through the following actions:

  • Transfer of knowledge from EU to Kazakhstan institutions (with mutual benefit)
  • Access to the Quality Assurance (QA) standards to all the educational institutions/universities in Kazakhstan
  • Improvement of long-term cooperation among universities, accreditation centers, business and public authorities in education for a more aware integration and implementation of technology-enhance learning (TEL) methods and QA frameworks for accreditation and recognition

The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. Modernize and reform teaching methodologies through the introduction of a quality assurance (QA) framework in blended learning
  2. Improve, develop/implement accreditation standards, guidelines and procedures for quality assurance of TEL study programs according to EU practices at Kazakhstan universities
  3. Establish the framework to improve TEL quality assurance and e-learning methodology on HE institutional level in Kazakh universities
  4. Provide training for Key actors of HE educational and public authorities responsible for accreditation/evaluation of TEL programs

Aims and objectives will be achieved, firstly, with a definition of European TEL Roadmap for QA standard built up on the base of the national best practices collected in each EU country involved in the project. Secondly, through the identification of the Baseline Kazakhstan TEL Quality Assurance Framework and the Recommendations KUTEL Quality Assurance Framework to be drawn up on the base of collected data and analysis of the existing situation in Kazakhstan, thanks to the support Ministry of Education, universities, accreditation centers and information technology centers in the partnership.

The impact and the effective change is ensured by KUTEL training which ensures consolidated professional skills on QA of academic staff, modernisation of educational processes and training of authorities responsible for HE accreditation/evaluation. Training will enhance staff competences for the improvement of EU/KZ standardized quality assurance system; defining national standards for TEL taking into account quality references and guideline shared with Ministry of Education and Science as well as the Higher Education Institutions and Accreditation organizations .

New standards will be embedded in the quality of TEL courses offered by HEIs in Kazakhstan, and then into existing regulatory documents at both institutional and national levels.

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